Michael Jackson - All I Need

'Cause this time of ours is borrow
We must give a helping hand
Whatever happened to our heroes
They must get another change
We can do again
We draw close, closer and closer
We even though, we’re almost there

You are all I need, in my life
You are all I dream, here at night
Close your eyes
Imagine that I’m taking you away, tonight

Come together all the people
We can do it now
Here is your chance to make it right
Go take a change
And even though (and even though)
We’re getting close (we're getting close)
We’re not there just yet
Even though we’re almost there

You are all I need in my life
You are all I dream here at night
Close your eyes, imagine I’m taking you away
One more time, close your eyes
I’m always here to stay tonight

And do it again
Buma/Stemra heeft toestemming van Stichting Buma/Stemra om deze songtekst te tonen. De songteksten mogen niet anders dan voor prive-gebruik gebruikt worden, iedere andere verspreiding van de songteksten is niet toegestaan.

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