Nas - Nas Freestyle

Yo Funk Flex
what the fuck is the deli my niggee?
This is Nas in yo area
y`all know the signs, right?
Ryhmes, cash, weed, cars,
ghetto celebrities, hood moviestars
Gat slingers now rap singers is
who we are, Nasty to Nas,
Nas to Escobar
Rhymes, cash, da weed, cars,
ghetto celebrities, hood moviestars
Gat slingers now rap singers are
who we are, from Nasty to Nas,
Nas to Escobar
Y`all know this shit right?
We gonna get it right, get high tonight
Funk Flex right? My first tool 22s,
I hung with crews and rocked funny jewels
gold chains, halloween,
we bombed sunday schools
first blunts, cutting class
first wifee had me nothing fast
used to brag about who I had


Always wore a bag on my dick
Pants sagged on my kicks, Converse
Weapons, yellow, and purple magics
Fur had that black shit
shorties jumpin on mattress
97, pockets is fat, rock a soccer cap
Sunday, Yankee hats
God, can he be black, thanks for that
I`m original man, show improve
The mack move right in my hand
Blowdro, murderer, M.O., gone for O
Tinted window, hennessy XO, fuckin` wit Esco
Heavy metal go achoo, yo bless you
Jail niggas go ta hell quicker
lick you wit that hunting shot
Rockin VVS rocks, stylin, wildin
Peace to Queensbridge housin
congratulate flex, five-hundred thousand
Fuckin better than gold, nigga
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