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Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, ooh [x2] It's 6 o'clock And seconds feel like hours as I sit here And watch them tick away And just the thought Of seeing you again I wanna sing I've been longin' for this day I'll be waiting 'Cus I can't smile until I see your smile I'll be waiting There's not

Beautiful, horrible, magical, terrible Reason to laugh and smile Reason to cry yourself to sleep at night Start a fight, make up, break up, wrong or right Heaven for all this work can Equally be hell on earth (And no one really knows anything about it) But everybody needs it We can't life without it

Worst part about fighting with yourself, is that even if you win, you lose Can’t place the blame on anybody else, so I'm fighting with myself over you Ooh, I should have played it differen,t but I didn’t know I never pictured you without me or you letting go I should have seen it coming, I sho

I never thought that it would be... She'd get tired of me... And leave me all alone... But she did... [Verse 1:] Looking back on the argument All of it seems to turn into a great big blur (Don't recall all that you'll say, yo this relationship is fate)* Dead in the water I thought Her resp

The sun stops shining And the sky starts falling And the world stops spinning And she's right here, she's right here Stars stop twinkling And the ocean is dry The wind stops blowing And she's right here, she's right here Come what may, come what will Come whatever, she'll be right here still So whe

Bite You - Ne-Yo[Songtekst]
uhh now i dont wanna freak you out or nothin' but damnnn i had a question to ask you would it make you mad if i just.. i just bit you right now? mmm.. twenty-five kinder fly, body like sweet potato pie sugar i would be a liar if i said that i wasnt adressing you with my eyes i cant decide what i

Singing ooh, said ooh, ooh lazy love Ooh my lobby call was 11:30 I'm officially the opposite of early I gotta go downstairs (downstairs) Everybody waiting down there for me But I roll over into your curly (hair) And sexy body, oh so nice and curvy (yeah) Reminiscing on last night Wake up baby, let

Hey, said us hustler's work is never through We makin' it 'cause we make it move The only thing we know how to do Said it's the only thing we know how to do Work hard, play hard Work hard, play hard. We work hard, play hard Keep partyin' like it's your job Work hard, play hard Work hard, play hard

Take me back Take me back to the memory Straight tequila Drinking on that empty beach Tell me woes Was it all just fantasy When I woke up You were laying next to me So let me be honest No broken promises Without a warning She stole my heart, Mexico-o-o-o-o-o-o Mexico-o-o-o-o-o She left me mark on