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Another Level - Level-n-service

Intro: Ice Cube

Title's n themes, and shit
YaknowhatI'msayin? Just let this motherfucker come on
(yeah let's do this) And be fresh, like I am
(serious nigga?)

Verse One: Ice Cube

I wish I was in high school
So I could fuck young bitches like Anotha Level do
Let me hip you to my Lethal Injection
The black erec-tion, in your midsection
I have you walking through
Like Bowlegged Lou, heidi heidi hoe, bitch
... it's on like a porno
I got Different Strokes like Willis and Arnold
Now, Mr. Drummond see me coming but
Watch your wife, for my dick'll be running a patch like
Slick Rick, thought I saw a putty-tat
Pussy fatter than the insane bitch that's singing
at the end of the game
Fumble more titties than Thurmond, Thomas, I'm as
great man as eight man, and Emmitt Smith
I got the gift to hit it swift
So bitch you need a lift and I'm out

Verse Two:

Well how can one young black mack unpack
papes in mad stacks with no gat? I'm cool like that
...and then some
I got styles in my files so I lend some, to the needy
You get up, kid, but you get hit up like graffiti
Yo this the A-L rhymes that we say well
So ease up, don't freeze up or get nervous
Cuz if you do loc got Levels-N-Service
So cock back and top that
I wear a top hat, I'm at the top cuz I'm all that
And extra adverbs, they're the kind you couldn't fuck with
I got my style and I'm stuck with it

got levels-n-service (2X)

Verse Three: Bambino

I down a brew, then I check one two it
And tellin bitches bend over, cuz you know how we do it
In the W-E-S-T the best nothin less see
Smooth adolescent, anti-depressant Bambino
Suckaz, don't make me angry
Knockin fuckers out, when my Tanqueray's tangy
But I'm a playa, pullin Berry's like Holly
I freak hoes, and freak flows, with no follies
Like the proper brown eps, we're body
See most niggaz get paid and wanna cracker like Polly
But Levels-N-Service, you know what's up
And niggaz probably think I'm crazy cuz I'm bustin like a nut

got levels-n-service

Verse Four:

The pressure is on, I combine and come bust rhymes
In thousands of shows and still have Miller time
I speed it up, I slow itd owwwwn
I max, I smoke a pound
So sit back, and listen to me lyrically
come all over the track, I fake the wack
Fly honies I attract
Niggaz know not to act up, dips be on my tip
so much I tell em back up
But don't say nothin, just listen
I'm not on a mission, a wack MC dissing
I'm just here to present the rep of my group
We gots flavor, styles by the miles hoes and flows too
I'm tough actin like Tinactin for the feet
My niggaz love the way I'm reactin to the beat
It sounds sweet, I skate you to the street
And I make service, so niggaz get nervous

got levels-n-service (3X)

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