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Di-rect - Wild Hearts

Wild hearts
Strangers to the city
It won't get any easier
The tinsel looking pretty
It's there for everyone

Wild hearts
Each dream a silver lining
The afterlight
It makes your face look timeless
Like the love that I feel
Like the love that I feel

Wild hearts
In search of understanding
The city rain, a fresh start
When they find out who we are
Will they welcome us in their open arms

Wild hearts
The soul is undemanding
It just craves a calm
And still your age old beauty
Never washes away

Wild, wild hearts
The river will subside
Wild hearts
We'll wade on to the other side
Wild, wild hearts
And we will build a bridge
And carry over all the ones we left behind
No one will be left behind
It won't get easier
Regardless of the safety that we hope to find
That we hope to find

Got to find our way
Sleep with open eyes
Weather every storm
It's just another ride
Cross the sea and land
With a point of view
Built on dreams and hope
To be one of few

Come for give and take
Feed at freedom's bossom
To shield our children
From the shoving and the pushing
To make something good
Of the time we've been given
Leave a lesson learnt
From the dead to the living

We are part of what
Moving waves, a cosmic riddle
With a need to learn
That the truth is in the middle
We'll leave a gaping lie
If we show no heart
A life in linear
Offers no new start

And the time is now
No more time than this
To save our paradise lost
As we stare into the abyss
From your mother's arms
To your walking stick
Freedom for your thoughts
And no more politic

Wild hearts
Strangers to the city
Wild hearts

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