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Di-rect - Get Away

Staring at the clock, it's five to eight
It's almost time but I can't wait
To get myself out of here

Thinking about how I could say:
"See you guy's, I'll go away
I think it's time to run away."

I never stood up to tell the truth
Now I'm here, I'm watching you
To listen to what you have got to say

I really tried to stay
But I'm going my own way
I want to live from day to day

I've always lived this way
And I dreamed there would come a day
To run away, to get away

Now I'm strong enough to say:
"Hey I'm living my own way."
To run away, to get away

Walk straight through that door
Would you ever dare before,
To see what's on tha other side?

Every time I was afraid
But now this time I couldn't wait
All this anger, all this hate, it's not too late

To run away without a cause
It's not too late, you're the boss
So get away

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