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Di-rect - Revenge

The sun wakes up, but it's still night
It was her last time up, it was her fight
She is a girl who was born to be wild
She never learned to be a child
But she'll always had a child inside, she didn't know better

Hate and fear she kept inside for all those years
It was the faith witch gave the fear
Now she knows better

look her face, wild in trance
Her thoughts in space, shaking hands

Her diary says:
"Days go by I never learned how to cry."

She always felt the pain inside she wrote this letter:
"Many tears I kept inside for all those years
My fear is gone and now I think I will feel better."

look her face, wild in trance
She screams out loud:"I want revenge."

Parents fait, Sunday school
She hates to live by rules
She wants friends, and wild romance
Now she has her chance to take revenge

All those days she tried to say
Without sense take revenge
Anyway she wasn't meant to stay
She had a chance to make her live worth living
All her friends gave her a second chance
She didn't stand that chance now she's in heaven

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