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Di-rect - Angel Dust

Many times as you slept, I've told you this
You're the one, you're my world,
hopes and dreams
I have cried sweet sweet tears
Liquid words ran down my cheecks

I thank you, my only star
Every day you bring me
Your precious love
A light in the dark
Angel dust

Livin'in ecstasy with you next to me
All I know without you I'd come undone,
Liguid words would come out wrong
You're my drug, my rising sun

I thank you, my only star
Every day, you bring me
Your precious love
An angel was sent
Angel dust
Lets get it on together alone
So much to life, reveal the unknow

I thank you, my shining star
Every day you take me
Around the world
Everyday I need
My angel dust

The magic comes right of your hand

I'll follow your steps in the sand

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