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Christian Wunderlich - For My Family

I know what you´re thinking
When I´m saying I´ll stay for
eternity You want me to leave
you, but I need you, can´t you
see the misery? You know it´s a
simple thing to send my heart
away baby, I should stay ´cos I
am the best you have and I will
prove it to you know that´s why
I´m telling you:

Family adventures they always
make me realize my family
afairs can´t be that wrong and
you can always count on me
there is no one to deny it and
I swear I´m filled with love
and honesty when I say that I
will be there for my family.

We will stick together now and
forever I guess it´s the only
chance two people can do it.
Let´s go through it ´cos we are
much more than friends you know
it´s a simple thing to make me
oh so sad baby, you´ll regret
it ´cos I am the best you have
And I will prove it ot you now
That´s why I´m telling you ...

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