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Christian Wunderlich - In Heaven

When I think of all the moments
Full of love and tenderness
Shivers running
Down my spine
Feeling your caress

And I linger in the memory
Of a love that's so divine
You're everything that I desire
I wanna spend my time

In heaven with you
In heaven, so true
From the very start
And heart to heart
A love
I never knew
In heaven with you
In heaven, so true
How I wanna see us
Walking hand in hand

You and me in Heaven

Every hour, every minute
I pretnd that you are near
With the love that you're givin
It's almost like you're here

From a distance
I can touch you
The onder
that we share
I want you here
To sty with me
Yes, I'll be there

Chorus 3x

You and me in Heaven

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