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Bryan Adams - If You Wanna Leave Me (Can I Come Too?)

You can`t stand still for a moment
You can`t stand still for a night
Your feet just starta move when it`s boring
But you gotta stick around to get it right
So get it right
You can`t find love in the kitchen
You walk the dark side of the street
You can`t find any hope in religion
Ya gotta feel the road under your feet
I`m gonna shed a little light
I`m gonna love ya every night
We`ll get it right - get it right!
If you wanna leave me can I come too
If you wanna leave me gonna go with you
If you say no - I`m still gonna go
If you wanna leave me - can I come too?
You try `n keep dry in the water
You try `n keep cool in the fire
The politics of love are getting harder
So grab a hold, take my hand, we`ll take it higher!

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