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38 Special - Coming Down Tonight

Girl don't you run and hide
It's not you're runnin' from
You've built your walls so high
Can't see which side you're on
Just give your heart some rope
Let love take over, let me show ya
We're gettin' nowhere baby
I'ts time to just let go
I'll be knockin' down your wall
It's comin' down tonight
I ain't turnin' back no more no
Stay with me baby
There's nothin' girl
We can't work out in time
Well get ready
It's comin down tonight, get ready
It's comin' down tonight
There ain't no fortress
Gonna keep you safe tonight
You put on that red dress
And come down here lookin' so fine
We all need a hand to hold
In celebration time is wastin'
We're gettin' nowhere baby
It's time to just let go
There's nothin' girl
We can't work out in time
You better believe it

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