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Five - Abs What You Got

hit the block about 20 to 9
checking my girl
but than i see this girl looking fine
so i asked her if she wouldn`t mind
can you tell me your name and what you`re doing tonight
body like nothing i`ve seen
she`s telling me sche`s on the cover of JQ magazine
telling me she had to go
so i`d dropped her at the spot in my four by four
so i told her
i can`t be late the gir`l is taking up my time and to hid her with the line
so i told her
i can wait to freak see you at the same time next week
baby give me what you got
cause i`m everything that she`s not
love is all i bring in the car tease to temptain
so honey leave your girl at home with your carekeys mobile phone
love is all i got all the things that make you hot
got my woman crazy on the phone
she`s talking why i was ain`t at home
had to tell her i was stuck in a brand new busines all tight up

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