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Five - Something In The Air

1st verse
Reminisce girl on the way that it was
Everything that I had was yours
Give me kiss girl like you used to do
I'm gonna take my time with you
Make it feel like what you felt before
Now your back cause you want some more
I can't help but feel the way I do
and girl I got this to say to you

They're runnin' around my mind
got thoughts of you and me all the time
Well baby you've got to let me know
What i gotta do
Cause if you'd only tell me
Maybe you could help me
Try to understand how to get with you

All the boys on the right
give it up this time
All the girls on the left
give it up this time
Cause all the boys on the right
want to check you out
And all the girls on the left
wanna show you how

2nd verse
Now it's on girl
Got the best of you
Now I wanna take the rest of you
I don't want to take it slow with you
I wanna rock with you I wanna roll
If you want girl we can take a ride
I'll be fine with you by my side
I can't help but feel the way i do
So i've got this to say to you


Give me kisses, lay it on
rock it to the break of dawn
I can do it nice and soft
and give you everything you want
Cause what you need's what i got
don't forget it baby
I'm a-waiting right here
come and get it
Kissin' necks, I'll perplex
any way you want ta flex
We should get together just to check out
if our love connects
Tell me now
Are you feelin' how I'm feelin'
I got a freaky feelin' deep inside
this could be real and check it out

Bridge (2nd half)
Chorus x2

There' something in the air
- to end

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