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420 score - Love And Hate

Mickey was the odd man out with a closet of bones and some suitcase dreams

And Josie was a diamond in the rough

They met outside her house on a summer night under the streetlamp light

And that was when they fell in love. And Mickey said...

I think you're starting to change me

Thel ove we made seems to rearrange me

Resistance starting to wither

And the things you say make the thin line thicker between Love and Hate.

Well, three years later, Mickey was smoking dope in the afternoon

And Josie's youth had lost its bloom

It's funny how times do change but we're rooted and grooved we still remain the same

And Josie said that she was through. And she said...

You used to do things to please me

Now all you do is torture and tease me

The sound in my voice is bitter

And the things you say makes the thin line thicker between Love and Hate

Loves in our hearts we can find it

Let's take what's left and we'll redefine it

Open our souls make it clearer

Come out of the gray make the thin line thicker between Love and Hate.

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