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420 score - Tequila Gila

It's hard to believe I used to be a good man

Tended my crops and made sweet love to my wife

Then one day I stepped into a cantina

And that was start of the end of my life

There at the bar sat the blue witch of the desert

But there at the bottom of that now empty bottle

Staring back at the fact, it's tides were nothing but lies

I want my soul back!

Drunkiness and stealing became my profession

As I robbed the highways further and futher from home

With the juice of the cactus in my veins and more in my saddle

The grip on my soul took me down that wicked road

I want soul back!

Now I'm known as the bandit, Tequila Gila

As I strike from the rocks, hapless travelers die

My fangs are sharp and my venom reeks of tequila

I lost my soul to that desert witch and her jar full of lies

I want my soul back!

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