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5 Chinese Brothers - Pit Stop

I've been driving fourteen hours
I could use some company
But lipstick kiss and faded flowers
Is all she left for me
I met her in a diner, asked her what her name was
Asked her if she'd like to see my rig and she laughed
She tossed the red carnation underneath the front seat
Tried to say she's not that kind of girl but she was
She wants to settle down, she knows a trucker never does
Just another truck stop angel
Sent down the highway from above
Just another pit stop on the speedway of love
I went down to the racetrack
I entered the second heat
They said the red car out there was the one to beat
I made it to the finals, the red car right behind me
Passed me just before the checkered flag and I lost
The girl who kissed the winner asked me if I would meet her
Under the bandstand down by the finish line and hten
Later in her trailer I crossed that line time and time again
See the headlights gleaming
Hear the engines roar
From my eyes the tears are streaming
Falling to the floor
The road ahead is just a blur I slow down and pull over
I think of all the women I have found and forgot
Some girls like movie stars, sad songs on the radio
Some girls like the smell of gasoline and exhaust
For every chance I take there's another I have lost

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