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5 Chinese Brothers - You Are Where You Want To Be

Did you ever feel
Like you were painted into place
In a picture in a room
That's decorated in bad taste
You say "is this my best,
Then I'm not impressed"
You wonder how did you get here
But it's exactly as you fear
You are where you want to be
You find yourself where you belong
And every fool is looking for what any fool can see
You are where you want to be
You've tried so hard
You think you'd be satisfied
But you've been in too many places
That looked much better from outside
Life's an alternating chain
Of boredom and pain
You wonder why you want to live
Till you consider the alternative
I know the way to happiness
I know the secret of success
I know the way to happiness
It's knowing this is as good as it gets
Did you ever feel
Just like a song
That you really can't stand
But it sticks with you all day long
It happens every day
You can't run away
You can't lose these walking blues
Cause they fit you like a pair of shoes

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