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5NY - Destination

A soulless journey into truth
I search fort he light
Divine joy, carried by the dance
Ecstatic trance, I give myself to the whole
Looking for that which is eternal, infinite
Dive into the call of creation
Return to the source, my destination

Going there, the brightest day
Through the shadows, gonna fly away
All I have and all I give
Are stories I remember, the stories that we live

Minutes pass, hours play
Before you know, it's another day
Never planned, never know
The way the river runs is the way the river flows
To my destination

Somewhere in the night
I feel the rhythm take me to another shore
What's my destination
So far out of reach
the light ahead is leading me forevermore
What's my destination

Stronger, now I find
the pieces of my youth are coming back to me
What's my destination
Out here on my own
please take me to the arms of where I need to be
That's my destination

I can't find solitude
This monotony of every day
I take a breath, lose my way
Sweet air, strange land
Leaving this convention
Solitary destination

Don't let go, in calm and cool
Once again in this accostomed place
Free to move, my selfish space
Leave the day, crawl inside
Safe from devastation
Solitary destination

Shap-shift, sweet sacrifice
Walk on, never fade
A level ground to freely move your way
but never had the chance
Direction can, in any day
leave the gray, leave the gray
Any destination, destinate, destination
Free to lift new level viced
will never make the grade
to the life that you have found along the stray
and now you've got a chance
Direction can at any time
Come to find come to find
Any destination, destinate, destination

To know, I wonder
To see desire
Another day to find a way
To dance, I enter
To pass beyond
Destination of the way

Solitary Destination

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