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5NY - Finally

Speak your mind
but not behind my back

Come on, bellow me
Take it from your head
and lose the crown

Make your attack
from on high, from your throne
It's time to step down

Speak your mind
but not behind my back

Black coal for a chance
Tables have turned on you, haven't they
If Simon sang 'Finally'
would you give the time of day,
or would you walk away?

Concrete and decay
Nature will find a way
with or without you
Whenever eye to eye
you cringe inside reality
You can't face what's meant to be

Final reverie
Melody plays aloud
another day
When will you rearrange
and speak what's meant to say
Don't walk away

Delay is killing me
The truth will come around
with or without you
Whenever you find the ground
Face to face you'll let me see
what you got in mind for me

you know it happened once before
it can happen once again
will it ever be the same
with you when we were friends

you know you always needed more
than you ever had again
will you ever see what you've landed in

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