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5NY - Spirit Song

I´ve been gone so far away
The nights and all the days
I never knew the words to say
It´s gone far beyond my pride
Far beyond the lies
I will leave the past behind

Through the coming of the dawn
I hear the spirit song
Born into the morning light
Through the silence of the night
I feel the pulse of life
Dance within the candle light

With your skies
Blue as the emotion in your eyes
(spirit song carry me)
Now I find
Familiar as the warmth in your eyes
(spirit song carry me)

Everything is allright
Will be allright, will be allright

Why now after all this time
Passing of the signs
On the road that sends me home
Where it was easy to pretend
Angels in the sand
The way a child understands

All zhe lives I wished my own
They have come and gone
I will never be alone
All the things I´ve ever known
Have been here all along
Spirit song come take me home

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