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69 Boyz - Hennessy

Intro: *phone ringing*
Yo, may I speak to Kotis
Kotis, yeah this me
Yo, whatup fool? Yo, we goin to get some Hennessy man
Y'all want some Hennessy?
Yeah, I like Hennessy
Wrote a song about it
Wanna hear it
Here it go
Nah, man
Here it go
Verse 1:
Hennessy, yeah Hennessy
Yeah, this is Booty Man in the house, man, to tell you a little story
Hennessy, hennessy
Hennessy, hennessy (Here it go)
Lord, I wanna get me some with ENJ inside my cup
Although, I am black and brown because
these Yankees got me actin ignorant
Brothers and sisters keep messin up
Why do they got to get drizzy drunk
For some strange reason it had to be
I had to drink that Hennessy, now
Take me to another bar, take me to a ABC
So, I can get a two liter coke and a fifth of Hennessy
Take me to another bar, drop me off to the ABC
So, I can get a two liter coke and a fifth of Hennessy
But Rotweiller? He went to Max Liquors
Lemonhead? He went to the Edgewood Lounge
Rico? He went to get some beer and cashews
Some beer and cashews
Help me. Wont you help me?
Would you help me find my way-ay, home, home?
My momma ain't home
Oh, help
*Laughing and a dial tone*
You like it?
*Operator comes on*
He must of hung up

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