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7 Months - New Age

Speak to me-speak to me I wanna hear your voice
Speak to me in a language we can all understand
The differences Can't you see? What's the difference anyway?
Communications gonna fail if no-one gives a damn

Every move we make-every step we take
What about the consequences for our actions?
Everybody's pointing fingers, no one lends a hand

But as we enter the new age - They'll run for cover as the mountains crumble
And in the wisdom of the new age - The world is waiting as the walls come tumbling

Read the word upon the wall the messages are clear
For the eyes of open minds they'll need no assistance
But the heart of jealousy will never ever come to know
The open hand of brotherhood will only meet resistance

Until we enter the new age - And they run for cover when the omuntains crumble
In the wisdom this new age - The world is waiting as the walls come tumbling down

Pick a side, either side but think about it first
You will find to pick a side really difficult choosing
Realize that we're all the same and then your choice is made
Either way everybody wins or everybody's losing

When we enter the new age - And there's no cover when the mountains crumble
With the wisdom of our new age - The world we're saving as the walls come tumbling down

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