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7 Months - Sometimes

Here I lay alone I pray - In the darkest hours of the night
I stare at the wall across from me
As I try again to get it right Is it too late or is it my fate
Do I control my destiny?

Is it left or is it right-Maybe up or down?
Is it in or is it out-I'll turn it all around
They say the answer's not that hard to find
You simply have to open up your mind

Sometimes we laugh and sometime we cry
Sometimes we lie awake and wonder why
Sometimes we frown and sometimes we smile
But sometimes it's only for a little while

Is it truth or is it a lie, man, does anybody know
Cause at the cross left in the road, well, we wonder were to go
They say the truth is not that far behind

Sometimes is just a state of mind
Sometimes is taking the time still remaining
Sometimes I feel like the time of my life is in sometimes

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