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Ann Lee - Voices

From time to time there's an emptiness
a little something I surely miss
say what it is and will it ever pass
Sometimes it flows over me so strong
my heart is saying there's something wrong
to get along make me understand
Voices speak of loving
voices in my mind
voices tell me something
I can understand
Sometimes I move in a open space
have I deserved it to feel like this
I really miss something to ever last
Sometime it runs over me so wild
it makes me feel like a lonely child
to get on by got to understand
Voices speak of loving…
Can you hear them running around in my mind
running around in my brain
you know I don't sleep at night they're always in my
head they're everywhere
time after time and all over again
and they tell me that I'm empty inside so deep inside
Voices speak of loving…

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