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Brian Mcknight - Losing You

Losing You
Brian Mcknight

Sometimes I can? find the words to explain exactly how I feel cause it deep, real
deep and I just hope you can see how deep it is, by listening to this song.......

now let me open up my heart and let you read just what I wrote when you, had
took the final steps of death and left my heart broken in two, but you had to,
damn, I wish that I can have a talk with the eternal man, I wish that you was
here with me right now holding my hand, I feel I cant go on and don't nobody
understand, it makes me wonder why, and if I have to die why is this my biggest
fear, I can only look above and just let heaven wipe my tears....

cause if I'm losing you
and if I'm losing you
to who will I confide
who will hear my cry
and if I'm losing you
then will u see me thru
thru the day thru the nights
oh you've gone will u stay by my side

got on my knees this morning talking to the Lord, my father, thanks for
blessing me when the others didn't bother, life goes on, got to stay strong,
Ida done some wrong, but Ida done some right too, cried some lonely nights too,
and in my heart nobody knows the pain I tends to hide it, holding back my tears
I tends to fight it, but its building up inside of me, this heavy load, help me
lord before I explode, please take my soul......


see I don't know if I can say goodbye to yesterday, cause when you leave and go
to heaven its so far away,
and I cant even stop to think to wipe my tears away, but maybe he thought it
was best for you to come and stay, what can I say, just keep your peoples close
to you, so you can cherish every memory they stood thru, and stood true, so if
you meet that cross road, then you could say, that you opened up your heart,
and just let heaven wipe your tears away......


and if I close my eyes at night
will I see you in heaven
and if the lord takes my life
I hope I see you in heaven
just wipe the tears away before today
and when he comes be prepared for a brighter day
take me away.......


I'm losing you (and i hope you could see how deep it was by listening to the
word of the song) I'm losing you

when your far away, there's nothing I can say
but hope and pray, for a better day
and if there's a way, for you to stay
stay in my life ohh forever
I'm losing you,
if I'm losing you

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