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Collin Raye - Completely

Before you I was totally lost
And so hoplessly sure I´d end up by myself
I was so unaware there was someone out there for me
Who´d love me like nobody else
You gave me somethin´ that
I always wanted
Now I´m givin´ it back to you

Chorus :
Darlin´ completely with all of my soul
I was so empty till you made me whole
iGrl you complete me more every day
I promise forever to love you this way
Right from the start, girl,
I´ll give you my heart
Darlin´ completely

I did time as a single man year after year
And then right when I almost gave up
( Way up ) high on a ledge leaning over the edge
I was mercifully saved by your love
It might take a lieftime but
I know that I´ll find
The right words to tell you
I´m yours

Repeat Chorus 2 Times

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