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Collin Raye - Couldn´t Last A Moment

I thought it was over
I thought I could move on
But I was wrong
I woke up last night
Claling your name
Feeling the blame baby
Thought I could quit you but
I still miss your love
What was I thinking

Chorus :
Thinking I could still walk down the street
Without you by my side
Or make it through one night alone, I lied
I said a lot of things I didn´t really
How can I make you see what matters most to me
Girl I shoulda known it
I couldn´t last a moment without you

You´ve got every right
To turn around and walk away
I can´t make you stay
I broke your heart
That´s the bottom line
I wasted so much precious time baby
I see you with your friends
Wearing a smile again
What was I thinking

Repeat Chorus

I thought I could quit you
But I still miss your love
What was I thinking

Repeat Chorus

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