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Donell Jones - Do You Wanna

Whassup, baby?
This is a night that you'll never forget
Huh, for all the things that you desire
I got it right here, baby
Guess what?
I'm back, I'm back

Baby, the mood is right
And the stars are out tonight
I can't wait 'till you get home
I got some rose petals leading to the bedroom door
Where I'm waiting all alone with candles lit
Glass of Perignon
Wanna make you lose control
Girl I'm telling you, tonight is yours
All I wanna know is

Do you wanna love me
(Gonna give you the readon so you can love me forever, babe)
I wanna make love, babe
(Make your temperature rise until you say it's too hot, babe)
Do you wanna feel me
(Touchin' and rubbin' and lovin' all of your body)
It's just you and me, baby
(Gonna tickle your spot until you tell me to stop, babe)

Passionate as can be, as I softly kiss your ear
I'm gon' give you what you want
Straight to the highest peak
Let me be your ecstasy
This gon' last the whole night long
As we become one, smell of love is strong
Want you to feel it in your soul
Girl I'm telling you, tonight is yours
All I wanna know is


Anything you wanna do
Baby girl, I'm willing to do (Whassup, baby)
On the way to exstacy (I just want to touch you)
You and me between the sheets (And feel you)
I want the whole world to know (Yeah)
I'm givin' you my heart and soul (You like that?)
(I promise not to miss one spot)
Forever girl I wanna see you lying here next to me
(Cuz there here, gon' last forever, and ever)
All I wanna know is (And ever) do you wanna love me


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