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The Rasmus - Fool

I´m feeling restless, but I don´t know why.
Feels like time is standing still.
So many people ´n´ I´m feeling shy.
I would with pleasure pass away.
No one can complain.

I don´t care is it saturday.
I´ll spend rest of day home.
Won´t go home ´n´ spoil another day,
this is my chance to be not me.
I gotta feeling that I´m breaking
´n´ my hands are shaking.
My heart is bumping
´n´ I´m trying to relax, or something.
(feeling low/waisting my time.)
I feel like stone, when someone talks to me.

Can´t get a word out of my mouth.
It is a bad habit, it will always be.
I would with pleasure pass away.
Slipping in corners, like I´d made something
which has made me feel so small.
I know I haven´t got that dignity.
This is my chance be not me

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