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The Rasmus - Shame

Talking about life, what it was ´n´ what it´s gonna be.
Get ready for the best time.
He´s a friend of mine born in the ´79. ´n´ there will be a day when he
hears me when I say: hey, you better be thinking about your future.

There will be a day when he hears me when I say: you´re spoiling your life, you
won´t have another. You ain´t thinking about your friends, do you hear me
brother? I have just one thing to say to you:

SHAME! (SHAME!) You can´t fool me, let me show that the whole thing s*cks!
SHAME! (SHAME!) You can´t rule me, I´m saying no to the drugs!

Living is hard, sure I know, but yet if you listen to my rule number on, I
bet positive attitude will carry you thru your life. Think it thru before
you take your first high. One day you are a winner, next day you´re a
loser. Don´t spoil your changes by being user. I have just another
thing to say to you:
You can´t fool me! You can´t fool me!
I´m the king of the new generation?

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