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Laura - Shattered

I don't remember a single thing you said to me
Just the crushing blow that comes when someone leaves
The smoke's finally cleared, I open my eyes
The world is still here and to my surprise


I’m not shattered
I’m not what I thought I would be
Just a heart left in ruins on the ground
I keep checking myself and I’m still in one piece
I’m sorry, I’m sad, I’m hurt and I’m mad
Am I lonely without you, yeah a little
But I’m not shattered - I'm not shattered

I used to think I’d disappear without your touch
Nights alone without you here would be too much
When you said goodbye tears fell like rain
I can’t deny I feel the pain…but

Repeat Chorus

Your final kiss hit like a rock through a window pane
I thought I’d die, go into shock, even go insane
But now I know I can go on and be ok
Cause I'm not shattered, I'm not shattered

Repeat Chorus

I'm not shattered, I'm not shattered, I'm not shattered

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