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Chenelva - Impossible Love

you are the one i just know it ,it doesn`t feel good but i know it you are the one..you said you love me and you care for me you wanne hold me and kiss me but you just can`t... its sad cause i love you so mutch but the love we share its impossible cause there`s a problem its not just a problem its big and 2 hard 2 handle ....and if i only could make a deal whit god ...i will ask him if he could return everyting so we can do it right...( so we can do it so damn right)
why we just can gif it a try ,we can make it right ..boy...cause i wanne kiss you so bad ,wanne touch you`re hand and say i love you ...but maybe we just have the wait...maybe the feeling is gonne be stronger ...damn why is love so painfull..??( please let me be His gurl)
if god could return time...everything was difference then i was your gurll damn ...damn.. please let me make one wish god....let me make a wish...cause i wanne be his gurl so bad....baby I love you...I gonne make you happy as mutch you make me happy....

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