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LeAnn Rimes - Notin' 'bout Love Makes Sense

Like a cloud full of rain shouldn't hang in the sky
ice shouldn't burn or a bumble bee fly
if you feel so happy, then why do you cry
oh, nothin' 'bout love makes sense

Like an ocean liner shouldn't float on the sea
a pearl in an oyster or a circus of fleas
someone so perfect can't be fallin' for me
oh nothin' 'bout love makes sense

nothin' 'bout love is less than confusin'
you can win when you're losin'
stand when you're fallin'
i can't figure it out
nothin' 'bout love can make an equation
nothin' short of amazin'
wish i could explain it
but i didn't know how

The way that we dance
the reason we dream
that big italian tower
oh, how does it lean
somethin' this strong shouldn't make me this weak
oh, nothin' 'bout love makes sense

(repeat chorus)
Like the lights of las vegas glowin' out of the sand
a jumbo shrimp or a baby grand
how you touch my heart when you hold my hand
oh, nothin' 'bout love makes sense
Oh, nothin' 'bout love makes sense
oh, nothin' 'bout love makes sense
oh, nothin' 'bout love makes sense

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