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Lakeisha - 2 Be Or Not 2 Be

Niggaz know
Ill be the one who kickzz the flow
lakeisha`s in the area
you shit aint save
what the fuck is on ya mind till the day I die
Ill be the best in this position
for me,myself and I
my flow is great in a 2G zone
Lakeisha hitzz ya azz with a whole lot mo
Back in da past you never showed me love
Now you beggin me to kiss ya
dont make me know your head off
in independant the opposite of wackness
no little azz homiess or my jock actin wreckless
I cant be stopped
the propety of god
Its Lakeisha makes your head knock

2 be or not 2 be is the question they ask me
show me the way to the mic just to blassed me
check out the horns on this track like galaspy
another jear they want me...

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