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Babyface - Good To Be In Love

[Verse 1]
Its a good day even thought we argued last monday
we made up again by late thursday
making love with cool-aid
its a good day even though i hate that you...
i didnt like the things that you said to me
but i forgot it all by next tuesday

And even though we force and fight (you know we always make okay, yes we do)
And everything will be alright cause we'll fall in love again

so put your hands up, celebrate everyday that you got love
in the end at least you got someone
aint it good you know that its good to be in love
so put your hands up, realize, recognize that you got love
it aint a party without your lil someone
aint it good to know that its good to be in love

[Verse 2]
Its a good day even though we fall again on friday
it was all again by next sunday
making up like it was your birthday
its a good day even though ...on monday
seem to last forever on that day
but we got back together like we was brushing up



Step to the left step to the right
put your hands up from side to side
celebrate love celebrate life celebrate the good and the bad times


[Chorus (repeat until fade)]

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