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Hyreme - Love For A Girl

Love for a girl

Look that girl at the fiesta
I always think about her
When I walk, talk or having a siesta
She’s my life
Without her, I rather kill myself with a knife
Look at her dance
There will be no chance for me
Cuz I see that you’re better without me
I don’t want an apology only your love
We can make a deal

This is what I feel
I love you so much
The only thing I want is a kiss or a touch
Don’t rush I’ve got the time
But one thing is sure
If it’s the time, you’ll be mine.

Don’t you give a damn about me?
I know what you think
You think that I’m a P.I.M.P
Like the most girls do
But I ain’t such fool
Cuz being a pimp isn’t cool
I rather be me then somebody else
Cuz then they won’t see who I really am
and the things that I can
But why do you care you don’t give a damn

Look this is what I feel

Fiesta is almost done
I take a run to you
Asking if you wanna dance
Gotta fat chance
With you on my side, I can take everything
I don’t care there’s one thing I care about
And that girl is you
I know that I ain’t hot or whatever
Maybe it’s not very clever if I say I love you
Cuz then I wanna be with you 24/7

This is the end
Cuz the song is dead
This what I really feel about her
And if ya don’t accept that
Then get the fuck outta here

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