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McFly - Not Alone

Life is getting harder day by day
And I don't know what to do, what to say (yeah)
And my mind is growing weak every step I take
It's uncontrollable, now they think I'm fake

Cause I'm not alone no no no
But I'm not alone no no no
Not alone
And I, I get on the train on my one
Yeah my tired radio keeps playing tired songs
And I know that it's not long to go
Ooh.. when all I wanna do, is just go home
Yeahh yeahh

People rip me for the clothes I wear
Yeah yeah
Everday seems to be the same, they just swear yay
They just dont care
They just dont care
They just dont care
Cause im not alone

But I'm not alone no no no
No no
But I'm not alone lalalala yeah yeah
I'm not alone

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