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McFly - Get Over You

She was looking kinda sad and lonly
and I was thinking to myself
if only she give me a smile
but it`s not gonna happen that way.
So I took it on myself
to ask her if you like company and maybe after.
We can talk a while
but I just don`t know what to say.
Cos you`ve got all the things that I want
and I just can`t explain so:

Help me babe I gotta get over you.
Now and then she looks in my direction.
Hoping for a sign of her affection.
But she`s in denile
and she got some words to dig.
But I think if she`d give me a chance
I pleasantly suprise but:

help me babe i gotta get over you

She has everything that she wants a
nd I just cant explain so:
help me babe i gotta get over
help me babe i gotta get over
help me babe i gotta get over you.

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