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Ciara - Next To You

[verse 1]
I hope I don't make you mad
With what I'm about to say, boy
Here we are once again
And I'm having second thoughts boy
I'm not messin' with your head
But I change my mind boy
I don't now why I'm here
Same time I want you near

If you want me to leave, I will understand
See I'll just have to respect your wishes boy
Cause if I stay with your lovin'
What might happen boy
Although you look so good to me
It's best that I leave

I'm scared of being next to you
Because of what I think I might do
Boy, you turn me on right now
I can't get down like that, right now
I don't want to disturb the flow
Cause this is not my 'm-o'
Hold up, wait a minute, you're movin' too fast
I want somebody that's here to last

[R. Kelly]
(Don't say no baby, not right now baby
I want you to be my lady, you got me goin' crazy)

[verse 2]
Well, I guess I'll stay for a minute
Then I'll have to go boy
This moment is so tempting
Right now, it's not what I want boy
Maybe if we just embrace
With a simple kiss, boy
I kinda only make things worse
Hope I'm not gettin' on your nerves boy

I just wanted to leave
I shouldn't wait for long
When you don't have to say a thing
To make me comfortable, boy
Boy, you make me so weak when you look at me
Right now, I'm a little confused
I think it's best that I refuse

[chorus 2x]

[verse 3]
We could just be playin' cards
Or watchin' the movie
But we keep connectin' eyes boy
Now, why you tryin' to tease me
This room is gettin' heat (ooh)
Would you open up a window
I think that I should go now
Cause I can't take this no more

[chorus 3x]

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