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Racoon - Biggest Fan

I never meant to stalk you or haunt you or to follow
But without you my live will suddenly go dull
(dumb dumd doll)

Got all your posters man, I hung 'em in my hallway
So where ever you may be, you're always here with me

I've got you undeneath my skin
I don't know where I should begin

I'll always be your biggest fan
but you don't know who I am
One day you'll know me man
One day you'll understand
that I'll be your biggest fan

Got seven setlist and I even got two t-shirts
I'm looking prettier than yesterday
One shirt is made by hand the other one is paid for
And man, I promise I won't download anything


I have travelled 'cross the land
Dying to see the band
I'll make you understand
I'm much more than a fan
I've travelled crossed the land
And just to see the band
And guess what. Here i am

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