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10 Seconds Down - Free

Free, to do my own way
Free, don`t care what you say
Free, to do what I do
Free, because you do, yeah you do too

Free to fly, free to fall
Free to turn my life around
Free to feel, free to choose
Free to flip it upside down
Free to win, free to loose
It don`t matter if you can`t see it
Free to do, free to be
Whomever I wanna be

Free, to do my own way, my own way
Don`t care what you say, yeah man whatever, free
To do what I do `cause what I do is true, free
To go ahead because you do, you do too

The lord came down and gave me wings
Now I can go and do my thing

Beware for what you`re about to feel
`Cause we`re coming around in one, two, three
Ask for us we`ll know what to do
Ask for us we know what`s right for you
Stick with T.S.D. we`re all one of a kind
Stick with us and we`ll blow your mind
Put your troubles aside just for today
Put your troubles away and say hip, hop, hooray

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