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10 Seconds Down - The Guy Next Door

We spent a lot of nights all alone, having sex all night long
On the couch , the fridge, on the floor
Ah hell even banging against the door
I had a fucked up life no not okay, finally things are coming around my way
I`d never even think about cheating, no way you`re the real thing
But with all the men you wanna have a chat
I say: "Yo babe what`s up with that"
You say: "No baby it`s just an illusion"
You just wanna cause confusion
Normally I`m the player, but now what I gotta obey her
You can`t fool me
Get your eyes straight, now it`s too late
You can`t fool me
You say you were home alone, you say you were there all night long
Walking by I saw you on the floor, giving head to the guy next door
Don`t know what kind of game you play, but this is just not my way
You always tell me you`re here to stay, but no not me you`re gone today
Crying eyes tell me I`m the one, but you spread your legs for anyone
You say: "Please stay, cut me some slack"
That`s easy to say smoking crack
Getting way, way of the track
Spending all day laying on your back
You can`t fool me

I always thought you were an open book
Realising all the years it took
When it came to the bit of breaking heart
I guess I`ve never really read that part
Asking questions looking to the sky
Left with nothing but wondering why
Left with nothing but a doubt
Assuming it was all a big grey cloud
There was nothing I wouldn`t do for you
You feel bad, you know I do too
Making me think that it would last
But you threw me away like a piece of trash
Feeling sorry and now you want me back
But all you will see is the back of my neck
You think you still know what`s right for me
Just walk away `cause you can`t fool me

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