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Venice - My Love Waits For Me

Look at him Look at her
Yeah, they’re just like me
Lookit here, lookit there
This will always be
And it’s always been
Why does anybody care?

Before this, before that
Before all the pride
Thought of this
Thought of that
Even suicide
Yeah, it was only a glimpse
but I tell you it was there

Time was spent
Time was wasted
And full of fears
We’ll have a laugh
Looking back
In a hundred years
Probably what it’s gonna take
‘til we get there
See you there

In the purple bed
Near the yellow chair

In the green room
With a red door
Down the orange hall
Of the blue house

With the white picket fence

My Love Waits For Me
(My Love Waits For Me)

Don’t know who
Don’t know where
Don’t know when and how
When I find who I find
If the Fates allow
Brick by brick
Breath by breath

If it’s real
If it’s true
If it’s meant to be
Plant a seed
It’ll grow
Yeah fruitfully
You never know
Maybe until death do us part


My Love Waits For Me (My Love Waits For Me)
My Love Waits For Me (My Love Waits For Me

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