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Venice - 27th Avenue

Some kind of poetry in motion
Finds me here beside the ocean
In a room with a view

I put my feet upon the sand
Begin again where I began
Yeah, that’s just what I will do
Back on 27th Avenue

Too sins are left unspoken
Too many hearts that I have broken
Yeah including my heart too

Oh Holy water wash me clean
Of all I’ve done and all I’ve seen
I could use a blessing or two
Back on 27th Avenue

Where I learned to fly
And I learned to cry
Painted watercolor blue
Where I need to be
To remember me
The oldest place to start anew
Back on 27th Avenue

Some kind of cosmic intervention
Finds me here with the intention
Of finding out just who is who
So many wishes I made here
Between the jetty and the pier
Yeah, and some of them came true

On 27th Avenue


A divine reincarnation
A rendezvous to be renewed
A destiny destination
From my room with a deja view

Back on 27th Avenue
I’m back on 27th Avenue

Where I made some noise
Where I raised my boys
I wonder what has begun
In 90291
Where I learned to play
Where I’ll learn to pray
Oh, just like a time machine
All because of a queen
Hour after hour
Just left of the lifeguard tower
Where I gave a ring
Where Marky asked me to sing
I’m gonna think it through
Where the blue angels flew
I’m gonna make amends
I’m gonna make some friends
I’m gonna mend my wounds
I’m gonna write some tunes

Back on 27th Avenue
Back on 27th Avenue
Back on 27th Avenue
Back on 27th Avenue

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