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Blaque - Release Me

I`m drowning in the shallow waters
And I`m trying so hard to reach the top
Something so pure, in the air to catch
I can see it above me

[Natina] (Brandi)
A breathe of freedom (release me)
A choice to change
A new direction (release me)
I feel so trapped (let me go)

And as the sunlight tries to guide me
I keep pretending there`s nothing there
And now I`m so deep
No where near the end
And I keep going down, so down

[Natina] (Brandi)
I begin to see the person (release me)
Holding me, is me
Let it go (release me)
Let it go (oooh, ooh)
(Release me)

[Brandi] (Natina)
I can`t fight it (I can`t fight it)
And I won`t deny it (I won`t deny it)
As times go by
I`ll remember

That it`s me who holds the key

[Natina] (Brandi)
Let me go (release me)
Let me go (release me)
(Release me, yeah)

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