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Blaque - Roll With Me

Mmm, yeah baby, ooohh, ohhh

(Verse 1)
I`ve got to know what`s going on baby
Why things `tween us they are so shady
I thought we had, had an understanding
That it would go down when I`m good and ready

It was all a simple thing that made,
(that made me wanna get with you be your boo)
When you started trippin`, running games
(So now you gotta choose, that`s why I`m tellin` you)

If you`re gonna roll with me, baby let me know
If all you wanna do is get down, then you gotta go
Baby I`ll let you know when it`s right for me
So baby in the meantime
I think you need to get to know, know, know me

(Verse 2)
Why you tell me, you wanna be with me
I feel that it`s just a hit and a run while baby
Lately I`ve been checkin` out the facts
That`s why I won`t get up on my back

Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus

Natina`s rap

Repeat Chorus till fade

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