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Cassie - Not what love is

I never been afraid of another heart break
Survived the last time but this one here is gonna take
A lot of tears
A lot of time in the dark
A lot of walks in the park
Please hear me

I know exactly how it feels to have a breakdown
This pain I feel
There's nothing left to say now
So many years, too many tears
My heart is breaking apart
I wonder how did it start
You hear me

I can feel it when I look in your eyes
It's like my heart is beating for you
And I'm dying inside
For all the times that I tried
For all those times that you lied
It ain't worth it
No more hurtin'
That's not what love is

That's not what love is

I know the feeling when you made the same mistakes
You try to hide it, you do what ever it takes
You wanna smile in front of crowds
But you were crying inside
You got the rain in your eyes please tell me
[Hook & Chorus]

We tried to stick it out together
Your pride tried but it wouldn't let us work it out
What was it all about
We never figured out
And now we lost it all for nothing

Who woulda thought I would end up
With my heart torn now I'm trying to mend up
Can't count all the prayers that I sent up
Now you gone realize that I miss you
But it's done
Can't turn back time now
But it's you on my mind when I ride around
With shades for the tears in my eyes now
Only thing that can fix me is time now, cuz I'm hurting


No heartbreak
No more pain
No crying
No time for heartache
You are no longer here
Our love has disappeared
We share too many tears
That's not what love is [2x]

That's not what love is
I can't turn back time
Just know, I taught you how to love
And I love you still…

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