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Tom Jones - Once There Was A Time

Once there was a time
I had a heart, but that
Was once upon a time
Once your love was mine
I used to wake up
And the world was fine
And then he came along
His fingers snapped
And you were gone

Though he had
Everything he wanted
He just had to take
My love away from me...

Yes, once there was a time
I had to watch something
I prayed I'd never see
The girl I loved, so slowly
Walk away from me...

Tears were bitter then
But soon enough
I learned to smile again
And now he's tired of you
He's left you
Like I said he'd do
You've looked around
And found, you're all alone
You think you can come
Crawling home to me...

And once there was a time
I'd have forgotten you
But now, Oh, can you see
I've learned my lesson
There won't be
Another time for me...

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