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Kasey Chambers - A Million Tears

Take my hand
Break my stride
Make me smile
For everytime I`ve cried

Hold my heart
In the palm of your hand
Don`t listen to it breakin`
Just listen to the band

Do you wanna ride in my car
Its parked out on the street
Or just stay with me a while
Before I fall asleep
Take these tears
Wash your skin
I`m havin` trouble breathin`
Since you walked in

My hands are tied
My head is reelin`
My eyes have cried
A million tears
From wishin` you were here

All my life
I`ve welcomed pain
I`ve made up more excuses
To bring it back again

Now I`m here
And I`ll drink to the shame
I`ll drink to the madness
That made me this way

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